Powersports Insurance

Kentucky is cracking down on uninsured motorists. If you own and operate a motor vehicle in this state, you're required by law to keep it insured. This includes sports vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs, boats and other watercraft, recreational vehicles, and travel trailers. Failure to do so can result in significant penalties that may include fines, jail time, and more.

Luckily, Thoroughbred Insurance Services has your back. Our Powersports policies offer all the coverage you need for your seasonal or off-road vehicle, and at prices you can afford. There's no need to go uninsured or underinsured when our friendly and experienced agents are waiting to help.

Year-Round Vs. Seasonal Insurance

If your vehicle is on the road or the lake, it must be insured. For seasonal vehicles or ones you don't use year-round, it's fine to drop the insurance during downtime. To do this, you'll need to inform the county clerk and turn in the license plates before dropping the coverage. Once the registration is dead, and the tags are turned in, then you can legally drop the insurance until you need it again. And when you're ready to get back on the boat ramp, Thoroughbred Insurance Services will be happy to help you find the perfect coverage.

Minimum Liability Coverage

There are limited liability laws in effect in Kentucky that designate how much coverage drivers are required by law to purchase. This amount varies according to the type of vehicle being insured, the age of the operator, and more. But they typically begin around $60,000. With Thoroughbred Insurance services, you don't have to worry about being under- or over-insured. Our agents are specialists in the industry, and they'll walk you through what's required for your particular sports vehicle.

When you're ready to talk Powersports coverage in Kentucky, stop in or call for a no-obligation quote. At Thoroughbred Insurance, we have all the coverage you need to protect your Powersport vehicle.


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