Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the essential coverage options for residents of the state of Kentucky. Having life insurance coverage can mean the difference between leaving your loved ones with the resources they need and leaving financial hardships. Life insurance policies are custom-tailored to your needs so you can have the peace of mind that if the worst happens, your family will have financial stability.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is an excellent option for people who have just had major changes to their financial situation. If you became a recent homeowner, started a business, or you have children, this is an excellent option for you. If you have young children, term life insurance is a great way to make sure they are financially protected through their early college years.

These policies are designed to be shorter-term and can cover periods from a few months, like a gap in employment, or a few decades, like while raising children.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is designed to be a long-term approach to life insurance. These policies are great for people who are looking to build wealth and equity that they can pass on. These plans are designed to last for the lifetime of the policyholder. Some have options to cash out after a specific time period or financial investment. Our experts at Thoroughbred Insurance Services can help you find the coverage that is right for you.

Universal Life Insurance

For residents of the state of Kentucky who are looking for flexible life insurance coverage, universal life insurance is the best option for you. This coverage combines the wealth and equity building of whole life insurance with the flexibility of term life insurance.

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